Dr. Murphy specializes in Counseling, Psychological Evaluations & Biofeedback. See below for common conditions treated.

Dr. Murphy provides a warm and empathic space to help you cope with what you’re going through.

Dr. Murphy works with clients (or their parents) directly who wish to be evaluated for learning issues and emotional conditions in children (ages 6+) and adults. This testing is often helpful for the development of accommodations (504/IEPs) used by your child’s school. It is also helpful for people who need evaluations to diagnose symptoms in order to accurately identify diagnoses and develop appropriate treatment plans. Dr Murphy works with clients (or their parents) directly who wish to evaluate them and also takes referrals directly from pediatricians or therapists who feel their clients would benefit from a formal psychological evaluation to help inform their treatment plan.

Used as a self regulation tool, Dr. Murphy teaches kids (ages 6+) and adults how to use biofeedback to cope with daily stresses and improved focus / attention.  Learn more about biofeedback below.

Common Conditions Treated


Also known as Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder or Attention Deficit Disorder, these conditions are very common.  If you notice your child often lacks focus, frequently interrupts, and gets emotional easily, your child may have ADHD or ADD. Dr. Murphy specializes in formal objective testing used to properly evaluate and diagnose ADHD and rule out other symptoms that may be contributing to attention difficulties.

Executive Functioning

EF is the set of skills people need to be able to plan, organize, manage their time, and cope with emotions. These skills are just developing in childhood and many children and young adults benefit from EF coaching to help them succeed at school and in their careers. EF coaching often focuses on helping students prepare for success in high school & college. 

Anxiety / Depression

Anxiety and depression are some of the most common mental health conditions in both adults and children.  If you or your child are experiencing anxiety and /or depression, consider scheduling a free consultation.

Drug / Vape / Excessive Gaming

If you or your child are struggling with using drugs, alcohol, nicotine products, or excessive video gaming, therapy can help. Dr. Murphy can help you explore alternative coping methods to manage everyday stress that contribute to this use.

The Body & Mind Are Connected

Many of Dr. Murphy’s treatments involve using Biofeedback.  Essentially, Biofeedback is listening to the patients vitals and reactions when presented with certain stimuli.  By using Biofeedback, the treatment plan can evolve and be customized based on what the body is communicating.